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Free Downlad Software MAGIX Video Pro X10, Version, Direct link, Part and Single link, Works. MAGIX Video Pro X10 Do you want to be professional and advanced manufacturing for video files? We suggest one of the best video editing software MAGIX Video Pro that has the name of X10. MAGIX Video Pro X10 Pro is a powerful application for editing the video above is a skillful that can be all the unique needs of all users. Version x9 of the software company recently by MAGIX for the Windows operating system has been released. 

MAGIX Video Pro X10 software is a unique range of powerful editing software and sophisticated equipment for a detailed virtual audio dubbing at your disposal. MAGIX Video Pro X10 with optimized workflow design and unique performance tools your vision a reality. State of the art digital technology and innovative functions, and a few years of experience specializing in the field of sound and image composition ensures professional results on radio and television. MAGIX Video Pro X10 has a reduction of 3-point feature that makes inserting video clips into the timeline. Now the 64-bit version of the software has been released. This software is a very professional program for the production of short films, and promotional.

MAGIX Video Pro software features X10:
  • Video editing for professionals and advanced
  • Access to editing options, outstanding performance and cinematic effect on the sound quality and the image above
  • Has a wide range of tools to edit your videos, such as the Visual effects-GPU optimizations, accurate measurement and editing Multicam
  • The ability to edit audio files: real time audio mixer, control key frames and the exact sample Editor
  • Access to all additional facilities such as plug-in Pack NewBlue
  • Includes a remarkable color filters and transition effects
  • Support of professional formats (AVC-Intra, ProRes)
  • Proxy editing for editing scalable smooth of 4K films
  • Surround sound editing – in broadcast quality
  • Decoding hardware based on HD and UHD (H. H. 264, 265)
  • High quality color filters have
  • 360 degree camera editing
  • Full support of 3D stereo
  • Support for 64-bit systems only

Download : MAGIX Video Pro X10 v16.0.1.236
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